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TRT World is a Turkish public broadcaster which broadcasts in English 24 hours a day and is operated by the TRT and based in the Ulus area of Istanbul. It provides worldwide news and current affairs focusing on Turkey, Europe, Africa, and Western and Southern Asia.[1] In addition to its Istanbul headquarters, TRT World has broadcasting centres and studios in Washington D.C. and London. It is a member of the Association for International Broadcasting.

TRT World

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The network has received criticism for failing to meet accepted journalism ethics and standards for independence and objectivity, with some commentators especially in the West calling it a mouthpiece or propaganda arm of the Erdoğan administration.[2][3][4] TRT World has stated that it is financially and editorially independent from the administration, and that its news gathering and reporting activities are just like those of other publicly-funded broadcasters around the world, with a mission to show a non-Turkish audience events from Turkey's viewpoint.[5][6][4] However, according to Reporters Without Borders, Turkey in 2020 ranked 154th out of 179 countries in press freedom.[7]

TRT World Forum is an opportunity for academics, journalists, politicians and members of civil society to grapple with the challenges of our time and contribute to advancing peace, security and prosperity throughout the world.

The many crises that affect our world, including war and violent conflict, global pandemic, the refugee and migration crisis, climate change and pollution, women's rights, hunger and food scarcity, homelessness, and poverty, have drastic impacts on the lives of billions around the world, most of whom remain unseen and unheard. The aim of our festival is to share the stories of these individuals, and provide a platform to elevate their voices and narratives.

We are currently accepting only short film submissions. Documentaries are not eligible. Your submission should be a fictional narrative that highlights the human impacts of one of the many humanitarian crises around the world.

Turkey has vastly increased the scale of its investment in public diplomacy tools. Although Turkey is considered one of the world's worst jailers of journalists, its media market is one of the fastest-growing in the world. In 2015, the Istanbul-based English-language TRT World was launched with the slogan 'where news inspires change', The channel promised to provide impartial coverage of global news, with its experienced journalists addressing global audiences. In this study, we investigate the interplay between public diplomacy and editorial policies at TRT World. After conducting in-depth interviews with TRT World journalists, we argue that the channel has shifted its style from being Turkey's public diplomacy tool into becoming the AKP's voice to the world. By examining TRT World, this study provides a framework to understand how international broadcasters operate in countries where media freedom is restricted.

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Moreover, we are working with 70 percent of our capacity in terms of employees. We will be recruiting people in the days ahead. On the other hand, we are working on opening broadcast centers in London, Washington, D.C. and Singapore, in order to cover the U.S., Europe and Asia. As Asia is rising in terms of economy and is an important market, we preferred to open a studio in Singapore. As you know, Singapore is also one of the crucial hubs of the world market.Our broadcast centers in Washington, D.C. and London will be larger. We will be broadcasting from these centers for four hours each, while broadcasting for 12 hours from Istanbul. This will be our daily breakdown.

Keep abreast of significant corporate, financial and political developments around the world.Stay informed and spot emerging risks and opportunities with independent global reporting, expertcommentary and analysis you can trust.

But perhaps the greatest obstacle to action is the sense of helplessness. Many resign themselves to the idea that there is nothing they can do. They tell themselves that any efforts to improve our world would be offered in vain.

After all, there are many challenges we have yet to overcome: 1 in 5 children around the world are out of school, including more than 15 million in the Middle East alone. Last year, 10,000 youth worldwide were killed or maimed in armed conflicts. And, each day, 44,000 people are displaced from their homes. 041b061a72


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