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Bangkok Blues The Movie Download Free [NEW]

Due to terms of the music license, one limited DVD pressing of 4,999 copies was printed.[16] The film was released for free download starting in early March, 2009 "at all resolutions, including broadcast-quality, HD and film-quality image sequences", at the time licensed under "CC-BY-SA".[17] The freely downloaded files counted as "promotional copies" and were exempt from payments to the copyright holders of the songs.[1]

Bangkok Blues The Movie Download Free

The film can also be rented via DVD on Netflix as of March 17, 2010.[22] When asked by a media provider on behalf of Netflix in April 2010 if she would also offer the film via the company's on-demand streaming service in exchange for a limited amount of money, Paley requested that the film be streamed either DRM-free or with an addendum telling viewers where the film was available for download. When the internet television service refused to meet these conditions due to a "No Bumpers" policy, Paley refused to accept their offer, citing her desire to uphold her principled opposition to DRM.[23]

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