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Earl Klugh This Time Pdf 31

Female guitarists are rare in jazz, but this North Dakotan string-picker, whose musical roots intertwined ragtime and country music, could certainly more than hold her own against the male guitar-slingers. Osborne took New York by storm in the 40s but only made a few records under her own name.

earl klugh this time pdf 31

As someone who has played jazz/pop/rock guitar and electric bass (both publicly and now privately) for many years, I am trying to understand why the name Chuck Wayne only vaguely rings a bell.I heard him for the first time last night (because of a suggestion from a musical acquaintance) and was very impressed.A Joe Pass single line technique combined with (usually fast but smooth) block chord melodies that included some intricate contrapuntal ideas.I plan on listening to this musical monster more today.

Effects on pain controllability were not significant. This may be due to the concept of pain controllability being difficult to understand for the participants (some indicated during debriefing that they were not sure about the exact meaning of controllability). The related concept of pain unpleasantness may be a more suitable outcome measure because it may be easier to understand. Music has also been shown to influence pain unpleasantness more significantly than pain intensity33. Furthermore, pain thresholds were unaffected by music attribute preference. One important aspect of this work is that the music used to assess attribute preferences was novel to the participants. Autobiographical memories related to familiar songs may elicit powerful emotions34. Familiarity may also play a mediating role in MIA because predictions and violations of predictions about music are associated with reward circuit activation35. The methodology used in this study overcomes the problem of familiarity by using music that is novel while at the same time having an established attribute structure.

The effects of trial order were statistically significant for most outcome measures. This was expected because multiple consecutive cold pressor tests tend to influence pain outcomes24. In this study, consecutive cold pressor stimulations increased average and maximal pain scores, while at the same time (somewhat paradoxically) increasing pain tolerance and thresholds. To control for the bias that this may have introduced, order was entered into the regression models as a fixed effect.


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