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Many of the top 10 are big movies from this year, like Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, World War Z (I bet a few are happy they didn't pay for that one) and popular TV shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Dexter, though the number one spot is an interesting one. It's Yify, the name of a movie ripping group that has risen among the mounds of other torrent providers with its consistence and low file sizes. Often the quality of its releases (particularly the audio) isn't as high as other uploaders, but it's the fact that you see the name appear on torrent after torrent that has seen this group come to dominate the scene in 2013.

\\ full movie hd 1080p download kickass movie

KitGuru Says: It's interesting that World War Z is so popular on the list. Perhaps that shows that zombie movies are still relatively niche and are more dominant in the technologically savvy community?


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