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One Piece Film: Red

The main plot of One Piece Film: Red hasn't been revealed fully yet, however, the short teaser that the fans got during its announcement gave out enough information for fans to piece things together. As seen often in One Piece movies, it seems that the Straw Hat Pirates will be heading to an event. This time, the destination appears to be a music festival. Upon working with the Film Red team, Eiichiro Oda highlighted that he wanted a female character to play a crucial role in the movie, and this individual is one with fiery red hair and quite possibly a resident of a Sky Island. She's also a singer by the looks of it as the key visual describes her voice to be "almighty."

One Piece Film: Red

Looking at Oda's involvement in a One Piece movie being bigger than ever, it's no surprise that fans are wondering whether Film Red is canon or not. To put it simply, One Piece Film: Red isn't canon. Eiichiro Oda prefers to handle the main story in his manga at the moment, meaning the movie are just there for the enjoyment of the fans without connections to the main storyline. However, that's not to say that Film Red won't have bits and pieces of important scenes from the One Piece canon. 041b061a72


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