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The Ultimate Airplane Game Experience: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

How to Play Airplane Games: Tips, Tricks, and Recommendations

Airplane games are a type of video games that simulate flying an aircraft or engaging in aerial combat. They can be very fun and challenging, but also educational and realistic. Whether you want to experience the thrill of flying a jet fighter, the joy of exploring the world in a passenger plane, or the challenge of managing a complex aircraft system, there is an airplane game for you.

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In this article, I will provide you with some tips and tricks on how to play airplane games, as well as some examples of the best airplane games you can play right now.

Types of airplane games

Airplane games can be divided into different genres and subgenres, depending on their focus, gameplay, and realism. Here are some of the most common types of airplane games:

  • Flight simulators: These are games that aim to recreate the physics and mechanics of flying an aircraft as accurately as possible. They usually require a lot of practice and learning to master the controls and instruments of the plane. They also offer a variety of scenarios, weather conditions, and locations to fly in. Some examples of flight simulators are Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, X-Plane 11, and GeoFS.

  • Combat flight simulators: These are games that focus on aerial combat, either in historical or fictional settings. They usually involve shooting down enemy planes, bombing targets, or performing missions. They can range from realistic simulations to arcade-style action. Some examples of combat flight simulators are War Thunder, IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad, and Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

  • Arcade flight games: These are games that emphasize fun and excitement over realism. They usually have simple controls, fast-paced gameplay, and flashy graphics. They can involve racing, stunts, or shooting. Some examples of arcade flight games are Jet Rush, Superflight, and Star Wars: Squadrons.

Benefits of airplane games

Playing airplane games can have many benefits for your skills, knowledge, and enjoyment of aviation and flying. Here are some of them:

  • They improve your spatial awareness and coordination: Flying an aircraft requires you to be aware of your position, speed, altitude, direction, and surroundings at all times. It also requires you to coordinate your movements with your eyes, hands, feet, and brain. Playing airplane games can help you develop these abilities and improve your reaction time.

  • They increase your knowledge of aviation history and technology: Airplane games can teach you a lot about the history and development of aviation, from the first flights to the latest innovations. You can learn about different types of aircraft, their features, capabilities, and limitations. You can also learn about famous pilots, battles, events, and landmarks related to aviation.

  • They stimulate your imagination and creativity: Airplane games can inspire you to explore new places, try new things, or create your own scenarios. You can fly over any part of the world, from the Eiffel Tower to the Grand Canyon, from the Himalayas to the Amazon rainforest. You can also perform amazing maneuvers, such as barrel rolls, loops, or inverted flights. You can even create your own custom planes, missions, or maps.

Tips and tricks for playing airplane games

If you are new to airplane games, or if you want to improve your performance and enjoyment, here are some tips and tricks that can help you:

  • Choose the right game for your preferences and skills: As mentioned before, there are many types of airplane games, each with its own style, difficulty, and features. Before you start playing, you should decide what kind of experience you are looking for, and what level of realism and challenge you can handle. For example, if you want a casual and fun game, you might prefer an arcade flight game over a flight simulator. If you want a realistic and immersive game, you might prefer a combat flight simulator over an arcade flight game.

  • Learn the basics of flying and the controls of your plane: Flying an aircraft is not as easy as it looks. It involves understanding the principles of aerodynamics, the functions of the different parts of the plane, and the effects of the environment on your flight. It also involves mastering the controls of your plane, which can vary depending on the type of game and the plane you are using. You should spend some time learning these basics before you jump into the action. You can use tutorials, manuals, guides, or videos to help you.

  • Practice and experiment with different planes, modes, and settings: The best way to improve your skills and confidence in airplane games is to practice and experiment with different planes, modes, and settings. You can try different types of planes, such as fighters, bombers, helicopters, or gliders. You can try different modes, such as free flight, campaign, multiplayer, or custom. You can also adjust the settings of the game, such as the difficulty, the realism, the weather, or the time of day. By doing this, you can discover new aspects of the game, find your favorite options, and challenge yourself.

Best airplane games to play in 2023

There are many airplane games available on PC or console, but some stand out for their quality, realism, and fun factor. Here are some of the best airplane games you can play in 2023:





Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Flight simulator

The latest installment in the legendary series that offers a stunning simulation of flying over the entire world with realistic graphics, weather, physics, and aircraft.


War Thunder

Combat flight simulator

A free-to-play online game that features hundreds of planes from different eras and nations that you can use to fight in massive battles across land, sea, and air.


Jet Rush

Arcade flight game

A simple but addictive game that involves flying a jet through a series of obstacles and collecting coins and power-ups along the way.


IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

Combat flight simulator

A realistic and immersive game that recreates one of the most famous battles of World War II with detailed planes, maps, missions, and historical accuracy.



Arcade flight game

A relaxing and colorful game that involves gliding through procedurally generated landscapes and scoring points by flying close to them.


Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Combat flight simulator

A thrilling and cinematic game that combines realistic graphics and physics with fictional scenarios and futuristic weapons.


Star Wars: Squadrons

Arcade flight game

A fan-favorite game that lets you fly iconic starfighters from the Star Wars universe in single-player or multiplayer modes.



Airplane games are a great way to enjoy flying and learning about aviation. They can improve your spatial awareness, coordination, knowledge, imagination, and creativity. They can also provide you with hours of fun and excitement. However, they can also be challenging and frustrating, especially if you are not familiar with the basics of flying and the controls of your plane. That is why you should follow some tips and tricks to help you get started and improve your performance. You should also choose the right game for your preferences and skills, and try out different planes, modes, and settings. Finally, you should check out some of the best airplane games that are available on PC or console, and see for yourself how amazing they are.

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I hope this article has given you some useful information and advice on how to play airplane games. If you are interested in trying out some airplane games, you can click on the links below to buy or download them. Have fun and happy flying!



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