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Let me start by saying how much I appreciate that both Dr. Harry (Six) Pandey and Elena (Mira) Maria Alvarez, Director of Research and Development, have implemented this evaluation and review of all equipment. I've attached a detailed schematic of the current RSD Model 1 (Shock Drone) device. Being able to run the current Shock Drone through controlled tests provided me with much needed additional data. With Elena's permission, I've scheduled further lab time to try some rough prototype ideas. I'd like permission to add my name to the schedule for the evaluation of Specialist Max Goose's device known as "Pest". Because it's such a powerful counter I'm interested in participating in the tests.

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Initially, Sombra was invisible 100% of the time. This concept generated two problems however. It reduced the sense of Sombra helping her own team (per friendly players not seeing her), and inflicted stress on the enemy team, not knowing if they were safe. Additionally, what she could and couldn't hack went through numerous revisions. She started off as a Support hero, and initially, there was no cooldown for her hacking abilities.[11]

In Red Sails In The Sunset, Jane has Lorelei freed with the help of Bret Stiles. When Jane drives up to her on a desert road, she expects to find Red John in the car and is upset and disappointed. She starts to run away into the desert, but Jane convinces her to ride with him and tells her that she can dump him at any time. She joins him saying that she will never tell him who or where Red John is. They drive to the ocean. That night, Jane sleeps in the sand while Lorelei sits in the car thinking. Her attitude toward Jane softening, she covers them both with her blanket and sleeps on the beach next to him. In the morning, she swims in the ocean where they are seen by a park ranger. Lorelei proves herself to be as fast on her feet as Jane when she avoids being seen by the ranger by sweetly and apologetically claiming to be naked. Afterwards, she travels with him north to a place she says "no one will find us." When Jane says he likes her take charge attitude, she says "no you don't." He starts cold-reading her, (correctly guessing that she has a selfish, vain, controlling mother) she tells him to "give the act a rest." Lorelei is well-equipped to see through Jane's machinations and thwart them. After Jane comes out of a convenience store after buying food, a dress and hairdye for Lorelei, their trip takes on the feeling of co-conspirators on a road-trip. Lorelei lets down her guard with Jane and they seem to enjoy each other. (Some Wikia members have theorized that the change in attitude is simply because it's more convenient -- easier for both of them.) They stop over at a motel where she divulges to Jane that they are going to a cabin where she and her late sister used to go. As Lorelei dyes her hair, she hears on the radio a report that she is believed to have kidnapped Jane. Knowing that he set her up for this criminal charge, she beats him viciously, kicking him and hitting him. She calls him a liar and admits that she was starting to trust him. He shows her a crime scene photo that indicates that Red John killed her sister, Miranda, Before dying, Miranda scratched the name, Roy (a Red John alias) on the floor. Jane tells Lorelei that Red John made her a victim so he could rescue her -- that he preyed on her pain. She refuses to believe that Red John was the killer. She angrily tells Patrick that because of their relentless manipulation, Red John and Jane are very much alike, so much so that she's surprised they didn't become lifelong friends from the moment they shook hands. Lorelei bolts and Jane follows, jumping in the car just as she's pulling away. They reach the cabin where she appears to have warmed again to Jane, saying "welcome." When Jane hears that her sister actually owns the cabin, he realizes that the police will locate it from tax records and are probably minutes away. He tells her to go on without him and that he'll hold them off -- to find out for herself who killed her sister and to call him when she knows the truth. Lorelei, surprised and grateful, kisses him. Jane pushes her away and tells her she has to go. She leaves in a truck parked next to the cabin.

Gus almost won the spelling bee as a kid (as seen in the episode "Spellingg Bee") but took Shawn's advice and misspelled his word. He has not forgot about it since then and still carries it around today. As a child, Gus applied for and was accepted into the Meitner School for gifted students. His parents turned down the placement. They told him it was too far to drive, but in reality they were concerned about separating him from his close friend Shawn. They attended school together through high school, where Gus was voted "Most Well-Liked" and "King of Howdy-Day", as well as "Most Likely to Succeed" (or Become Great). Gus also did one semester of pre-law in sixth grade. The only time Gus and Shawn were separated was when Gus went away to attend college. According to what he says in 100 Clues, Gus attended Pomona College.

Burton has always been Shawn's "sidekick". He has been with him with most the cases that were given to them. While Gus may not have Shawn's abilities he has proven himself in other ways. He has a lot of knowledge in other things that a typical person may not have known, mostly related to chemistry and medicine due to his education. He also has proven himself for being very smart for knowing big words and explaining them to Shawn. Unlike Shawn who likes to jump into danger, Gus likes to think about things twice before actually doing anything. Most of the time he and Shawn end up bickering for a minute about whether they should do it or not. They typically end up doing it, much to Gus's dismay. Gus has always been nervous especially with Shawn. They usually end up finding themselves in a situation they get out of themselves or Lassiter and Juliet end up finding them. Despite their very different personalities, Gus is a loyal friend to Shawn through thick and thin.

Gus later meets her again at the morgue, where she managed to locate him through an Instagram post. After taking him aside, she explains that she has researched him all over the web and has chosen him to be her boyfriend. She hands him the "resume" of her romantic history as well as his favorite kind of sandwich (fluffernutter) and promises to give him some time to think her proposition over.

A carriage clock is a small, spring-driven clock, designed for travelling, developed in the early 19th century in France, where they were also known as "Officers' Clocks". The first carriage clock was invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet for the Emperor Napoleon in 1812. The case, usually plain or gilt-brass, is rectangular with a carrying handle and often set with glass or more rarely enamel or porcelain panels. A feature of carriage clocks is the platform escapement, sometimes visible through a glazed aperture on the top of the case. Carriage clocks use a balance and balance spring for timekeeping and replaced the larger pendulum bracket clock. The factory of Armand Couaillet, in Saint-Nicolas d'Aliermont (France) made thousands of carriage clocks between 1880 and 1920.


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