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2120 So. Michigan Ave.That '70s Show : Season 7... !!EXCLUSIVE!!

2120 So. Michigan AveSeasonEpisode721CreditsAir dateApril 27, 2005WriterDean BataliDirectorDavid TrainerEpisodesPreviousNext"Gimme Shelter""2000 Light Years From Home""2120 So. Michigan Ave" is the twenty-first episode of the seventh season of That '70s Show, and the one hundred-seventy-fourth episode overall. It aired on April 27, 2005.

2120 So. Michigan Ave.That '70s Show : Season 7...

For a show which featured so much hit music from the '70s and earlier decades, it only made sense for That '70s Show to showcase a catchy theme song. Big Star's "In the Street" was recorded with additional lyrics for the show's theme song. Beginning in season 2, the series used a version of the song by Cheap Trick who also added the repeated phrase, "We're all alright!" to their version. Cheap Trick's version of the theme song was used until the series ended in 2006.

Music was a major influence on the lives of Eric Forman and his close friends. The very first episode of That '70s Show featured the teens traveling to Milwaukee for a Todd Rundgren concert. That was just one of many concerts referenced on the show before the sitcom featured a musical episode in season 4. In addition, disco and rock music receive their fair share of attention on the series. Donna Pinciotti also works as a radio DJ for a brief time while Steven Hyde ended up managing one of his father's record store. As a tribute to music, the series based some of their episode titles on song titles, especially in the later seasons. Here's a complete list of the songs, including the artist and which album the song was released. 041b061a72


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